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Rada's Workshop

One of my hobbies are websites. When I started to learn PHP, I decided not to use frameworks like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal,... Instead I wrote my own content management system. The downside of this approach is that I have spent a lot of time coding and for every new feature that my clients request, I have to code it myself. The upside is that nothing is impossible for me and I keep learning a lot. I have perfected my CMS so my clients do not ask me for help much, but instead edit their own content by themselves. I keep my websites simple to use, and cheap for small business owners. The websites can have content on multiple languages and I can translate page names and buttons to Serbian, Russian German,..., but the rest of the content, you have to translate yourself. If you are in need of a simple to use website, write me an e-mail. Here are some of the websites I wrote.

General Practitioners Clinik FAMILY DOCTOR SLAVICA

For our small private clinik, I wrote a website where you can get all the info regarding contack, appointments and prices. The design itself was done by Milosh Papesh (milospapes@gmail.com), and I coded it in PHP so it can get all the functionalities of my CMS. I also added the Facebook page, Google plus page and all the necessary tags and id's to get it to share well on Facebook and display right on Google search engine.

You may visit the website here: dr Slavica web site

DAM packaging

Private entrepreneur Miljan Jančić primarelly sels food packaging. His website is designed as a webshop where you can order products and receive them by courier service. As far as the design goes, the user is able to change all the content (images, text, slideshow, prices,...), so the final appearance is up to him.

Checkout the official DAM Shop website: DAM Ambalaža

Ozzy Gym

The first website I wrote using my CMS was OzzyGym. They already had a website, but without the posibility to edit content. My task was to use the existing design and add the Administration mode. After first few bugs solved, they never contacted me again, so I assume that they managed alright.

Take a look at OzzyGym: Teretana Ozzy gym

Žeravica bead & breakfast

Owners of a nice accomodation near Novi Sad asked for a website to represent their busines. One of the requirements was to make the website load fast, especially on bad internet connection, so that foreners seeking accomodation can get all the necessary info as fast as possible. I developed a way to load just the text (with contact info) and load images once everything else is in place.