Rada's workshop


Refurbished Oil Lamp

We cleaned up, painted and altered an old oil lamp. Instead of oil it now uses a smart phone charger and instead of the fuse, a 12V LED bulb. I have bought from Aliexpress an ESP8266 module, to make a web interface and touch detection control for the lamp. A voltage stabiliser provides the necessary 3.3V to power the WiFi module. A boost converter lifts the charger's 5V to 12V for the LED bulb. Through the web interface you can controll the lamp using a computer or any web enabled phone. The source code and configuration details are available on my IOT project.


Portable lamp made of copper tin and wire. The lightbulb is halogen and runs on 12V.

Small Scorpio

It looked interesting in a child's room, but it was very fragile, so it didn't last long in the hands of a small child.

Small Dragon Lamp

This is not a very powerful night lamp, but if you have a baby that needs your attention, a blue LED is enough to get around without turning on the light.

First Large Dragon

A lamp built of copper wire and a metal grid stripped from a truck air filter. It uses a small halogen light bulb and green LED-s for eyes.

Plaster mask

On the inside of a plaster masc, using acrylic silicone, I have attached a peace of white glass to serve as the eyes. On a peace of tin there is a lightbulb socket with a small powersaver to avoid overheating due to small available space. The mask is placed a couple of centimeters from the wall so that the light passes around the mask as well as through the eyes. It is possible to attach a couple of blue LED-s to imitate the pupils.

Mu-Shu lamp

A lamp based on the cartoon character, the little dragon from the Mu-Shu cartoon. It hods a lightbulb terrarium with an LED lamp in the metal part of the lightbulb. The dragon is built using copper wire and some coper tin. It is painted with nail polish.

Butterfly lamp

Made of an empty parfume bottle. We mixed some transparent glue and gold dust for decorations and painted the inside of the bottle. I used some decorative blue stones for the head of the butterfly. The foundation is a tin candy box and the wing surface is from an empty parfume box.

Love Syringe

The body of the syringe is made of a 2dl glass joice bottle. The bottom part with a needle covers a 4W LED module and the handle hides the bottle cap.

Cat lamp

We received a wooden cat as a present. At it's back, I attached an LED strip and a piece of electronic I devised to enable the light to be turned on/off by touch. The touch sensor is between the ears.

Owl lamp

I used a ceramical owl to build a touch lamp. It has a large opening at the back intended for a candle light but instead, a 4,8W LED module iluminates the inside of the owl. I upgraded my touch sensor using an AtTiny2313 microcontroller, so now you can eaven adjust the level of ilumination. Same as I did with the cat, I placed the touch sensor on the top for easy access.

Simple Retro Shandelir

On the terrace, we needed a dimmed light for a more pleasant ambient. Looking up to expensive shandelirs with "Edison" light bulbs, I created something quite cheap. The middle pipe is a mop handle, covered with a self adhesive plastic foil. The joints through which the wires go are copper joints for central heating systems. The covers for the hooks holding the shadelir are plastic drinking cups also covered with plastic foil. I have set this as an example of how one can make a fancy shandelir with quite modest budget.